Wednesday, July 8, 2015

:rocket's red glare:

This past weekend being July 4th, the USA's Independence Day, gave me an obvious source for creativity, mainly fireworks. I saw a smaller display in Weymouth on the 3rd, but went to the major one in Boston on the 4th itself. I got closer to them than I ever had before in previous years, probably because I found a good spot and stayed there for two hours previous to the lighting of the fireworks. Next year I'll see if I can't get on the water itself for this or other firework displays.

They are notoriously difficult to photograph well - I saw a few "crappy" fireworks photo contests online, actually - but after messing around with the settings on my point and shoot, not my big camera, I felt that I got some good shots. A tripod would've been ideal, but I used a railing to steady the camera instead.

I continue to map out my job search strategy, but I find that I can't completely put the creativity aside while I do so, nor should I. I've entered artwork in two gallery shows so far, but no word as of yet if they've been accepted. One is for toy camera photography, and I've started using my Holga again. I also received an ancient Polaroid camera that I knew my family had buried somewhere. If I can track down some film for it we'll see what happens there. I'm hopefully having a photo shoot next month with my favorite model, if not others as well.

There's also another one of the annual art exhibits at work; hopefully this will be the last one that I participate in.

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