Tuesday, July 24, 2012

:status quo:

Just checking in to inform any that still reads this that, no, nothing has improved, in fact it's worse; the slumlord is starting to evict us. The legal help I got this past Sunday and the picketing we did on Saturday give me hope, but it's ironic that I'm fighting for a place I don't even want to stay in. The search goes on, with disappointment the rule more than not. Tired of responding to ads that turn out to be from "west African missionaries" renting out empty apartments, or losing places because I can't flex my schedule to just go and view the place, then get told the next day that the place is rented. Why is this so difficult?!

Needless to say, no art. Most of what I own is in boxes right now, why wait to pack? I still take pictures when something catches my eye. So you should spend more time on my flickr page.

Waterfire 2012 6