Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Poking my virtual nose in here mainly to promote an event that I'll be vending at, selling my artwork: Convergence 25 in Boston, the weekend of May 3 - 5, coincidentally my birthday weekend as well. So the best gift to me would be you buying some of my artwork!

As you might guess from the number, this is the 25th gathering known as Convergence, started so many years ago through the alt.gothic Usenet group. I've been around long enough to have been at the first time it was held in Boston, Convergence 2. I've attended several others over the years too; Toronto, Montreal, New Orleans, Chicago, and Austin, the latter being where I also attended as a DJ.

I've been told that you don't have to be a C25 attendee to go the the vendor's market, which will run from 11 - 5 each day. More information here. Pretty much all that I'll have on sale will be the same as what is on my Etsy page, which will be updated closer to the dates with the total inventory.

I'd like to go more into what I've been up since my last entry here in January 2018, but it has been resisted. I'd still like to have a proper website up and running before I return to writing regularly here.