Wednesday, November 25, 2015

:nanowrimo week four:

Can't stop to chat now, I'm at 38,000 words and 50,000 are expected for one to "win" NaNoWriMo at the end of the month.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

:nanowrimo week three:

Past the half-month point for NaNoWriMo, and mainly because of the car mess, I'm behind in the schedule that they give as a guide. I should be at 30,000 words, I'm at just under 25,000. I'll get right back at it after this blog post. I believe I found a car earlier tonight, so hopefully that mess will be cleared up soon.

I still find myself writing the female characters easier than the male ones. I was dragging on the last chapter because I was having difficulty with writing Joe. I was very close to killing him off just to not have to deal with him anymore, but I was merciful and only crashed his truck. One really becomes the god of your own personal universes when you're writing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

:nanowrimo week two:

At 11 days of this year's NaNoWriMo, I'm currently at 20,563 words. I think I'm going at a good pace, have a vague idea of an ending, but still need to fill the space between. I've found that, once again, I prefer to write female characters. Feel free to analyze that. When I first started this in 2009, one of the main characters was male. He's still in the story, but I don't think that he's the main character anymore. Another male I created as a bit of a comic relief, but now he's a bit annoying, and if he annoys me, imagine how readers will feel. Interesting how once again characters sometimes write themselves. One female character has stepped out of the background into the front.

That said, once again, when I finally get a real creative groove going, life takes a stick and sticks it into my spokes. My recent car accident has resulted in insurance not wanting to pay the damages on my "old" car (2001!), so it's considered a "total loss." Now I have to use what little free time I have which could be used for writing this novel, to find another car. And the settlement check isn't a very large one. No other words for it, this SUCKS.

I briefly went to Waltham's open studios, which are pretty much in just one building. Par for course, I once again wonder why I can't find a space like this for myself, why these events draw so many people but they don't actually buy any art, and why we have so many abstract painters in the Boston area (sorry but it does nothing for me). Or I could just be cranky from all the car bullshit.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

:nanowrimo week one:

Technically it's only been four days of  NaNoWriMo and not a week, but eh. Currently I'm at 13,287 words. Don't drop your jaws, that's because I'm finishing up a story I had started in 2009. Right now I'm going through what I had already written and breaking the rules by editing it before I move forward. But it's nice to have a jump start. I've already found that it was a bit difficult to write on breaks at work like I did last year. We'll see if that changes. I'll probably do the majority of my writing on the weekends, most likely in coffee shops and libraries again, just to at least get out of the apartment.

I already see that my characters will need a bit more fleshing out, and I of course already have favorites. Deleted some dated references, even though I didn't stamp a year on the story, and it's supposed to take place in a near future. Don't have a precise ending in mind just yet, either. But then I didn't have one in mind when I had started last year's novel either. It's interesting to see where it can come from. It's true sometimes that the story writes itself.

In other news, I honestly had forgotten that I had contributed artwork for a book about Krampus, who is becoming so well-known that a movie about him is coming out this holiday season. But then I received several copies of the book in question yesterday. Sadly that's my "payment" for it, but the man behind it was persuasive, and I also figured, fuck it, he had actually sought me out for it, so that's flattering. And there's always hope that it could lead to other things.

I also currently have artwork on display in a library in Warwick, Rhode Island amongst other artists. I don't have the full details available at hand right now. I did have some trouble finding "library safe" artwork amongst my more recent work.