Wednesday, May 30, 2012

:the mirror lies:

The apartment mess continues, it looks like June is the final month before they plan to impose the ridiculous rent increases. The tenant organization is still fighting, which is admirable, but as I've said, I've been trying to move out even before the slumlord took over. As long as I'm here I'll fight - I have no choice, really, I can't afford any increase - but if I find a place I am so OUT of here. As usual any hints or help are welcome/needed. My online searching is getting tiresome and frustrating. I think I may start packing soon even without having a place, just to get a jump on it and to let the Universe know I mean business.

Aaaaand the usual disclaimer applies, this mess does not lend itself to creativity, so I am wasting away in that respect. It's quite distressing. Some people may be able to what they do under any circumstance, but I am not that person. I am stronger than I used to be, but it's not enough.

I've given some thought to, no idea why, self-portraits. I am not my biggest fan; if people tag me on Facebook I untag the pictures instantly. I rarely if ever see a flattering picture of me, or I guess more accurately, one that matches my self-image. I do not like what my hair is currently like, yet I am not the type to suddenly get a new style. Haircuts are traumatic in general for me. At one point I was only getting one a year.

Who knows, doing this sort of project may get me over such thinking. Something else to add to The List after I get a new place to live.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

:walking wounded:

The apartment mess continues to affect me, with time running out adding to the panic factor. I don't doubt that this stress is taking its toll on me physically, I'll spare you the details. One good thing in the midst of this, was the annual Zombie March, which is always a great opportunity for me to take interesting photos, and work with the new camera some more.

Zombie March 2012 43

Lots more pictures here. I keep saying that some year I'll join the horde as a zombie but thus far prefer to just document it.

Apparently Neil Gaiman recently addressed the graduates of the University of the Arts. It's pretty inspirational, I need to revisit it from time to time if it remains online. I like the simplicity of "just make great art" no matter what is going on. I wish I could stick to that better, as is all too well-documented on here. A better base of operations is what I need, what I've needed for a LONG time.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

:sick and tired:

I got nothing this week. Between feeling out of sorts physically today, and mentally over the whole apartment mess, it's not really conducive to my creativity.

I really want this blog to be about my creative path, but until this mess gets sorted out, it keeps getting barricaded. Why is it so difficult for me to find a good, no, GREAT place to live and work in??

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

:roll on:

Most of my life is currently spent dealing with apartment shite, namely looking for a new one and dealing with the continuous mess that this current one is, as detailed in last week's post. A letter was drafted and signed and sent to the slumlord, we'll see if that accomplishes anything. In any case I don't want to remain here. Needless to say this has not helped my creativity any.

Got to work with my new camera some more, at a local roller derby meet. The so-called "sports" setting on it was useless, so I tried many different ones instead of it. Tried really hard to not get anything but blurs and to avoid using flash, which never produced any flattering light.

Roller Derby 2

Thursday, May 3, 2012


It often seems that just when I can see a clearer path ahead of me and I'm all set to go forward, something gets thrown in that path and forces me to abandon it and focus on something I'd rather not waste the time on. Once again this involves my living situation.

It appears that the building owners sold it and other local buildings to another company. We found out not from them, but through a letter shoved under our doors last Friday night informing us of this change, and of a ridiculously high increase in rent with very little time to move out if it's not accepted. Actually I didn't receive the latter, but I sincerely doubt that I'd escape an increase. Most people got a $200 monthly increase at the least. If you saw these apartments you'd agree they're not worth $900 or more. But the new management and the "market" says they are. Complete bullshit. So people have have had meetings and are united to fight this. I am still striving to get out of here, but as long as I'm stuck here, I'm fighting it. It's not like I can afford the increase. If I could I wouldn't still be living here!

Judging from the Yelp! reviews, they do not have a great reputation.

But needless to say this has gotten in the way of any creativity. It's difficult to focus when you are wondering about where you're going to live. SO tired of this.

At the very least I can offer you some more spaniel abuse. I wouldn't doubt that I'm taking out my aggressions on the poor little bastards.