Wednesday, June 2, 2010

:nothing but time:

Where does the time go? When it's governed by whatever you do to ensure you're not homeless, ie The Dayjob, it's very precious indeed. Before I know it, it's time for my enforced bedtime, that is if I don't want to fall asleep on my way to work or gawd forbid at work itself. Why haven't we evolved beyond needing sleep, while I'm at it?

New month, new chance to get back on the path, as I try to see it. I was messing around with my criminally underutilized Wacom tablet tonight. The act of drawing on it while looking at a screen takes a little getting used to. That and using pressure on the stylus without fearing that I'll break it.

So, tutorials for that, and a Photoshop CS3 book to get through. I intend to learn the entire CS3 creative suite. I know CS5 is due out any day now, but, fuck it. I could afford a new car before I could afford that. But having the shiniest and newest doesn't necessarily equal skill. I still get camera envy, but, I intend to master the cameras that I DO have before getting a new one - I have a book for that as well - but will try to keep one eye out for a bargain if one appears. All this while trying to find a new apartment, one where I can create in peace.