Thursday, August 27, 2015


I believe that one reason why so many of my projects take so long to complete or go unfinished, besides the ever-present time issue, is the lack of real deadlines. I can impose fake ones, but who's going to police me on those? A lot of projects truly get done in their own time, and often spend a scary amount of time just in my head, but that doesn't increase my output.

Most gallery shows that I've entered in I've taken past works that fit the themes, if there were any, as opposed to creating a whole new piece for it, although there were a long string of shows in Salem, MA where I did do just that. So for the next batch of gallery entries I hope to do that again. The third recent show that I'm in is opening soon, which will contain the photo below. If my currently brewing plans work out, I may be out of town during the opening reception, though.

I don't have any clients to speak of currently, so I don't have that as a deadline creator, although of all people my sister has asked for my help on a few things art-wise, and they do have deadlines, so that'll serve as an impetus, one hopes. Look for alterations to these over the next month or so.

And remember, summer doesn't officially end on Labor Day, so don't rush it out the door.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I continue to wring as much out of this summer as I possibly can, heading to the ocean once again this past weekend. This time it was to Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island, which sounded vaguely familiar to me when someone else posted pictures from it the previous week. It was probably one of, if not the first beach I went to as a child, but nothing while I was there this time jogged any sort of memory. I'm sure much has changed since then. Additions and subtractions. But no less enjoyable. A sparse amount of amusement park rides left over, and of course the ever-encroaching replacement of real arcade games with the kind that spit out tickets for some repetitive task to exchange for trinkets.

A continuing high point of this summer has been the sunsets, which often get enhanced by approaching stormy weather, and many lightning storms were in the area this past Saturday. Very often photos don't do it justice but I do my best. Often the best shots present themselves while I'm driving and that's a tricky shot at best. I don't recall ever being impressed by many winter sunsets. Of course it doesn't help that the sun sets at 4 PM then, which is more depressing than beautiful. No hurry to see that again, though of course it's getting darker earlier with every passing day, just like every year. No idea why I'm more conscious of it these days than in the past.

Doing my best to get in some daily creative time too, continuing to get some progress towards the Kali piece that I'm planning. In my dream or vision (take your pick), she was more beautiful than terrifying, so I'm aiming in that direction. In my research I've found that that's not an uncommon depiction. She also sometimes has only two arms as opposed the multiple limbs seen in most versions. But I also want some of that terror in it too, so I'm trying to find a way to combine it all. As ever I need more hours in the days to do this.

Also trying to find a place somewhere between realism and exaggeration, when I usually choose one over the other. My knowledge of anatomy often fights against any drawing out of proportion limbs and muscles, so more challenges to overcome. I'm thinking along the lines of Peter Chung's work, who created Aeon Flux.

I continue to investigate more printing methods, recently I ordered a selection of Instagram photos, which the printing company clearly designed to look like Polaroid shots. This also reminds me that I need to convert the old Polaroid camera that I've obtained to accept newer film, which I've finally managed to find without it costing an arm and leg.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Regular readers of this blog (and I'd like to believe that there are a few) might notice that I sometimes write more about creating than actually creating at times. I'm really trying to fix this, though it's odd that I should have to. It's still something that I enjoy, so I don't know why it should be difficult to begin at times. I can blame "adult" stuff getting in the way, as obviously I didn't have such worries when I spent hours drawing as a child, but I still don't know when I'm supposed to finally feel like an adult, even at my age, which I'm not sharing.

I just have to make it a daily habit somehow. I keep reading about writers (which I've had experience doing as well) setting aside a set amount of time a day to write, no matter what comes out at these sessions. So I'm feeling if I can't find time to draw for 15 minutes to half an hour a day, then I have no right calling myself an artist. Things may come up and get in the way; they always do, but I'm going to do my best. I've tried to draw on breaks at work, but that place is so uninspiring, very little fruit was born during such sessions. I made some attempts last night, including some ideas for the Kali piece that is crawling along in my mind, I need to get it out onto paper or monitor.

Still investigating further print options, I received one on glass recently. Like the metal print, it's best seen in person, but I think you at least get the idea of the reflective qualities here.

One of the gallery shows that I'm in had a reception last week that I went to briefly. I'm not always sure how to act at these events, especially when my artwork is only one of many others, as opposed to a show of entirely my work. It's not like I'd hover by my piece and hope people that will ask about it, although of course I watched for reactions at times. At another show, which is at work, I actually got complimented by someone on the pieces that I had on display, and the possibility of purchasing them. Now I just need to think of a price.

Making art is a solitary activity, but I still hope to find others that I can relate to and associate with. It's still a struggle. I'm actually going to attempt to meet with a group of Instagramers tomorrow and see how that goes.

I'll mention again that this blog is set up to allow comments, so it'd be nice to get some now and again. If you choose to do so anonymously, at least sign or initial your comment so I know that you're human. Assuming that I'm human as well. Blush response.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


As stated last week, one way I ended my vacation was by venturing out to Boston Light, a 299-year old lighthouse in Boston Harbor. They did major restoration to it last year, well ahead of next year's anniversary. As with most voyages I've taken out to into the bay it was quite enjoyable, enough to make me wonder again if there's any job doing that sort of thing for me, but of course this was on calm seas and in summer. I talked to several people who worked on the island about their jobs there too, but unsurprisingly most are seasonal, or volunteer, and not plentiful. I'm convinced that there must be something I can do in this area.

In the photo below you can see Boston in the far distance and how far out the lighthouse is.

I pretty much spent most of my time off near the ocean or other bodies of water, so clearly I am still drawn to it. I ended up in Rockport, MA on Saturday, which like a lot of seaside towns around here has quite a few galleries and artists there, another draw for me, even if I create very little artwork depicting seaside scenes. Talked to a few shop owners as well. I've found that the older ones tend to be more conversational. Some of the younger ones seem like they'd rather be anywhere else than in the shop that they're taking care of. Probably not how they envisioned spending their summers.

Two of the three gallery shows that I'm currently in are up, with the reception for one being tomorrow night. I'm going to see if I can keep going on in this way, just applying to every show possible and seeing what sticks. As ever the struggle to stay focused can get derailed by distractions, external ones or ones of my own making.