Thursday, December 29, 2011


I didn't post yesterday as I was busy DJing at Temple. Sometimes it feels like I lead not a double but a triple life, and I try to remember this whenever I think my life is uninteresting. Of course I wish the balance was more towards the lives I prefer, but what else is new. Something to aim for in the new year.

Ah yes, the turn of another calendar year, with all the hopes for a better one, and it's easy for me to say "good riddance" to the last one. While it did feel at times like a boot on my neck, good things did happen, specifically because I made them happen, which I need to continue in the new year.

I didn't create as much as I'd like, but I did do more than in 2010, and several artworks were also in galleries, and they sold as well. I started to save up for a "real" camera. I still desperately need a better apartment/studio to create, and that will remain a priority in the new year. I went to a voiceover class, as I'd like to do voices for cartoons, but that will require more practice, and, again, a better place to do so in.

Maybe you believe in astrology, I am mostly a skeptic, but somebody who's better versed in it than I did my chart and said that after so many bad ones, 2012 will be "my year." I sure hope so, but I have to remember not to sit back and wait for it to be so.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

:saw no evil:

I continue to deal with physical & mental problems, which again get in the way of creativity. This time it's my eyes. I've been nearsighted since grade school, when I found that I couldn't read the chalkboard. I've worn contacts since high school. I've looked into Lasik, but of course it's out of my price range, and not covered by insurance.

I got a new prescription this past weekend, my eyes have been amazingly the same for a couple of years, but now the right one is a just a bit weaker. I've only had these new ones in for a few days but I've had issues with them. For faraway objects they're great, but sometimes, more than before, I am having a real hard time viewing and reading close objects. That's with them in, of course. I am fine reading without them, but then I won't be able to read things like traffic signs. Going back Friday to see if they can fix this mess. I don't want to have to wear both contacts and glasses, or just glasses. Call it vanity. I find it both amusing and annoying that kids today actually WANT to wear them. Damn you, Harry Potter.

Without our senses we are nothing. Wouldn't want to lose either my sight or hearing.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

:twist my arm:

Just trying to get back in the swing of things creatively. I shouldn't have to force it, but other things keep getting in the way, time-wise, physical and mental. I miss the days of youth when there was so much free time. Going to be the fogey and say now that "youth is wasted on the young." But truthfully what I need to do is organize my time better. I do my best but the internet is such a time-suck. Even when I'm actually doing constructive thing son it, one link leads me further astray. And don't get me started on Facebook. For somebody like, who hates to feel like he's missing something, it can be insidious.

Just some doodling. I need to get back up to a page a day. Even on a large page I tend to fill it up with thumbnails.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

:inbetween days:

The Krampus art opening went pretty well on Saturday, and of course Krampus made an appearance, twice. People seemed to like my piece, a few actually calling it the best in show, of which I disagree, but flattered nonetheless. I still tend to think I made a bit too scary to be wall-worthy, but we shall see. I was surprised by my previous sales, after all.

My brain and body have been too mushy for much creativity this week. Time to think of another major work, and to get going, finally, on the website redesign. For now, here's a zen seagull.

Zen Seagull