Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Currently on vacation, such as it is with my salary, but making the most of it and not wasting it by staying at home. I was out all day yesterday, which is why I didn't post on Wednesday as I usually do. Spent most of the day (and night) up at infamous Hampton Beach, NH, and started the day at this indoor "sky diving" place in Nashua. Basically you're in a wind tunnel. It was only for five minutes, but I still hope to do the real thing some day. I find myself sore today from holding the position that you have to keep to "fly" properly.

The beach itself is one that I've gone to ever since I was younger, then with my family, so part of the returning is to see what's changed and what hasn't. There is still a shooting gallery, that now costs a dollar. It could use a serious dusting and some repair, but it still has some nostalgic value. There are still arcades with a fair amount of classic games, although more and more "ticket" games are crowding them out.

Also amusing to see, beyond the unlimited people-watching, is to see what's in the t-shirt shops this year, whatever trendy phrases or characters are in vogue. It looks like the Disney princesses have been turned into tattooed hooligans this summer. I say hooligans because there were other shirts that showed them in mug shots. Ariel got arrested for jaywalking.

Another highlight of summer for me is the nightly light show that is sunset, and doing my best to capture it when I can. It's just not the same when the sun sets at 4 PM in winter. I'm in no hurry for that to return.

Haven't created anything new this week beyond photos, but still keeping myself in the creative way. I'm still researching other printing methods, I received a metal print in the mail this week, and am waiting for a glass one. You need to see it in person to really appreciate the reflective qualities. I definitely plan to try this again.

Also a quick little "doodle" with Photoshop. I hope I don't have to caption this one.

Tomorrow I take a visit out to Boston Light, a 299-year old lighthouse in Boston Harbor, so I daresay it's the oldest in the country.

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