Wednesday, February 26, 2014

:ocean size:

I'm going to have to count the photo that I completed last week as February's finished art piece, as I didn't get enough done on the other one to be able to complete it by the end of February. I don't mind, as I really did spend a fair amount of the month on the photo piece. If you're so inclined, you can see it live and in concert at Uforge Gallery in Jamaica Plain, MA for the month of March.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm dragging my feet on this current one, perhaps it has something to do with it being somebody else's characters and I want to do them justice?

But I did get some creative time in, I went to a local beach for some photos, some people have recommended that I check out one in the winter and I'm surprised that I never had before. It still doesn't compare to summer of course, and that can't get here soon enough.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

:edge of the world:

Finally finished this photowork, I've been working on it since December, although other things got in the way of course, one thing being this soul-crushing winter. I swear that they get worse every year. I would not survive long in Alaska.

I resisted the urge to show this in progress, as this one was mostly about layering (this is a combination of 11 photos), and I agonized over the opacity of each one and how much to reveal from each one. I originally thought it was done this past Saturday night, but then I revisited it on Sunday and thought, oh no this is ALL wrong. Like all my works this is the "it's done enough" version, otherwise one could fiddle with the slightest elements forever. Which is both a blessing and a curse in this digital age.

It wasn't the original plan, but I'm going to enter it in a gallery show this weekend, since the theme's about motion and the timing is just right that I finished it now. I also believe that I'm done with working with photos from this shoot (for now?), I think 14 finished photos is a good amount.

In other photo news, one thing that I've bought with my tax refund so far is a photo backdrop setup, so I won't have to waste time editing out background elements. Now I just have to find more people willing to model.

Unfortunately one casualty of working on the above piece is that I haven't even started on my monthly one for February (I suppose I could count this one as it, but it wasn't intended to be),  so I better get a move on it, hope fully you'll see it done or nearly done next week.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I recently did what is becoming nearly an annual tradition for me, chasing and photographing the lion dancers celebrating the Chinese new year in Boston's Chinatown. I keep saying that I'll visit another city to view this, it hasn't happened yet, so I should probably plan for next year's now. Maybe New York City first. As ever, more photos on my flickr page.

It may be only by a few days, but February definitely feels like the shortest month, which is some cause for concern if I'm going to succeed in my plan to create a finished artwork each month this year. As stated before, so far I'm planning to do one based on somebody else's characters (with his permission). It's from Hans Rickheit's "Cochlea & Eustachia." I've been a fan of his work for years, from back when he did little photocopied and stapled comics (still have them), now he's like world-famous. It's saying something that I'm not jealous of this, but I generally don't get that way if the fame is well-deserved. If you're a crap artist and somehow manage to succeed, well, that's a different story. Although now I try to figure out what they did to get there instead.

I've also been working on the multi-layered photo derived from the photoshoot in the fall, but I'd rather wait to show it fully completed than in progress.

I submitted some artwork ( the very same ones I've been flogging in the past few entries ) for a timely Valentine-themed art show at a local gallery, sadly they were not accepted, the reason given was that there were so many submissions, but that still means that my work wasn't deemed good enough to be among the best of them. But! They will be in another show, at the Top Shelf Tattoo Gallery in Manchester, NH. When I brought the work up there the gallery was still under construction, but I was assured that it would be completed in time for the opening, which appropriately enough will be on Valentine's Day (night) itself, if you happen to find yourself in the area and are curious. I hear tell that there will be bands and a kissing booth.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Well, I finished January's project almost at the last minute, Friday night, but I'm pleased with the end results:

One lesson certainly learned is to start these projects earlier. Two upcoming ones actually involve other artists' work in a way, so I'm somewhat ahead in that aspect. I also need to finish a photo work that is actually made up of many layers of other photos, no idea why this one is taking so long, I guess I don't really focus well on two different artworks at once after all.

I want to learn to use my drawing tablet more; the above work could've been done all on computer rather than scan in a drawing. But I have a less-than ergonomic setup for it...I've occasionally seen people use moveable arms like a desk lamp with tablets, but I'm having a hell of a time finding one, either online or out in stores. ANY leads on that sort of thing, even if it has a specific name if that's what's hindering me, would be greatly appreciated.

I'll remind you one more time of Valentine's art I have for sale through deviantArt's many products (not just prints). I won't remind you next week; if you haven't gotten anything by Feb. 12th, well you'll probably be resorting to something at CVS.