Monday, January 17, 2011

:i've got idea man:

Getting a strange surge of ideas lately, hoping to ride this wave and create most if not all this year; like I said in a previous post, last year's "productivity" was pathetic. If I can get at least one new piece a month (January's half over, we'll see, excuses excuses), I'll know I'm on the right track.

Just going to note them down here for my own purposes. It probably won't make any sense to you.

- cactus
- angler
- pause
- Kali
- waitress
- H Girl
- Siamese twins
- Goreyphone

Sunday, January 9, 2011

:new year new hopes:

Guess I'll start off the first post of 2011 by informing you that six of the Homunculi (spooky dolls) are now on display AND for sale at Bewitched in Salem, should you find yourself in Salem, MA. Here are a few in the front window:

So: the new year usually means resolutions, and while I don't usually share mine publicly, the creativity issue is an important one and one reason for the existence of this blog. I only created three major art pieces last year. THREE. That's my worst year yet, even though two of them ended up being sold. This cannot stand. I know it's still because of my living situation, so the search for a better place still continues. But I can't sit and wait until that happens and just let my creativity die. Still need to: finish learning Adobe CS3, almost done learning Photoshop. Practice more on the drawing tablet. Learn more about photography, somehow get a digital SLR camera and dare I hope, a studio. Just have to stay f o c u s e d. I've already started drawing on one of work breaks instead of reading. Just a 15 minute brain dump. Who knows what will come out. Stay tuned?