Wednesday, July 15, 2015

:new dusk fades:

Trying to keep moving forward. Some things are stalled, like the website and Kali picture, and the job search for a bit - I'm still in "research" mode for the latter, so maybe I can fine tune my search for jobs that are more specific. But I'm always having thoughts of other creative ventures.

I still always have a camera with me (not counting the one in my phone, which you know I don't really count as a "true" camera anyway, unless it's for Instagram), which was good when I visited Horseneck Beach in Massachusetts this past weekend. I take many pictures of the ocean and beach when I can, but I have to find a better way for them to do it justice. It just looks so much smaller and unimpressive in the cropped rectangle of a photo. Still, I try to be inventive. And it may be weird while being on a public beach, but I try to have as few people in my shots as possible.

I was fortunate to have arrived pretty late in the afternoon and stayed to catch the sunset on a peninsula close by the beach. Judging by the number of people there as well, it must be a popular thing to view. I can see why. The colors of the sky changed fluidly as the sun set, and the sun itself transformed into a red sphere as it disappeared sliver by sliver into the horizon.

As ever, more shots on my flickr page.

I remember going to this same area nearly 20 years ago and seeing the Milky Way in the night sky for the first time (usually there's too much city lights where I usually am). I would've liked to see it again, but it was not getting dark quickly enough, and I hadn't eaten since breakfast, which seems to happen sometimes on the weekends for some reason.

While the website progresses slowly, I did add some more work online, this time a collection of illustrations on my Behance page. I liked seeing the progression and improvement, however, I wish that I had more "client" work to display. I'm still not very marketable.

In good news, however, a piece of mine got accepted into a forthcoming gallery show! It's the photo below. It's at Uforge Gallery in Jamaica Plain, MA, opening July 24th. Check it out if  you want to see it in person, or maybe even buy it.