Wednesday, October 28, 2015

:walking wounded:

As October winds down, I've been mostly still sorting through shots from the last two photoshoots, but no extensive work on them yet. I finally got word back from Tiffany, she's busy as I expected, said something about sorting through 10,000 other images, so yeah, busy. Other work is going slowly as well because of events that took me out of my art space, mostly Halloween-oriented, and an unfortunate auto accident. Obviously I'm okay or I wouldn't be writing this, but I'm finding that I'm more damaged than I originally thought and some extra medical care is needed. Joy. But the insurance/car repair is going smoother than I expected. I'm going to dislike trading back my rental car for my old one, though.

Still on the road to NaNoWriMo next week, so depending on how that goes, there probably won't be much written here in the coming weeks except for small updates, unless something else catches my (camera) eye and/or I finish early. I already have a rough cover design for inspiration, though obviously not the final one since it's not my photo. I haven't gotten word back from the person whose photo inspired last year's novel concerning whether or not I can use her image, but no hurry on that as of yet.

I once again set up my "Halloween is My Xmas" illustration series as available for download over at deviantArt, mostly to see which one was the favorite. Hell, any interest at all is nice. This year's runaway winner is yet again this one:

So have a safe and happy Halloween and don't take any shenanigans from any delinquent spirits.

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