Wednesday, February 19, 2014

:edge of the world:

Finally finished this photowork, I've been working on it since December, although other things got in the way of course, one thing being this soul-crushing winter. I swear that they get worse every year. I would not survive long in Alaska.

I resisted the urge to show this in progress, as this one was mostly about layering (this is a combination of 11 photos), and I agonized over the opacity of each one and how much to reveal from each one. I originally thought it was done this past Saturday night, but then I revisited it on Sunday and thought, oh no this is ALL wrong. Like all my works this is the "it's done enough" version, otherwise one could fiddle with the slightest elements forever. Which is both a blessing and a curse in this digital age.

It wasn't the original plan, but I'm going to enter it in a gallery show this weekend, since the theme's about motion and the timing is just right that I finished it now. I also believe that I'm done with working with photos from this shoot (for now?), I think 14 finished photos is a good amount.

In other photo news, one thing that I've bought with my tax refund so far is a photo backdrop setup, so I won't have to waste time editing out background elements. Now I just have to find more people willing to model.

Unfortunately one casualty of working on the above piece is that I haven't even started on my monthly one for February (I suppose I could count this one as it, but it wasn't intended to be),  so I better get a move on it, hope fully you'll see it done or nearly done next week.