Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I believe that the latest Homunculus doll is finished, I will take better pictures of her in the daylight hours. All that remains now is a name, I'm torn between Estrella and Ximena, what do you think? This definitely was a case of less is more with me this time, the dress that came with her was too nice for me to going messing with and too many skulls would've been...too many. I have plenty left over for future projects now. I also found a lot of lobster parts by the sea this past weekend.


Yes, a part of Halloween is still free free free!!

I thought I was done with the photos from my last photoshoot for a bit, but the model asked recently, "What about the ones with the skull?" more for now. I posted it on Facebook today and it's gotten more likes than anything else I've put up so far! And I don't even think it's the best shot in the series. Shows you what I know.

There's the slight pause between projects now, which as I've stated before I have plenty of on the back burner and not enough time for them all. I've had an idea about an Edward Gorey-inspired piece, and I actually managed to track down the owners of his estate and artwork to ask them permission, at first the answer was no, but I explained my idea further and they seem open to a smaller version of what I had in mind. Stay tuned.

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