Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The night before Halloween ( Isn't that Devil's night? Well, if the Red Sox win or lose tonight, that's what we'll get in Boston probably. ), which is still my favorite holiday, even if I don't get too dressed up for it like I used to. I still dream of creating some elaborate costume, but then I think of what it'd be like wearing it the whole night. I had a monkey mask as part of a costume on Monday night, and that was difficult enough as it is, what with no peripheral vision, and difficulty in getting a straw in so I could drink, heh. It was fun getting away with certain things while people didn't know who I was, though. Sometimes a blank stare alone was a prize.

Nothing new to show this week, as I gear up for a new month and hopefully new projects. I attempted to take more photos of the new Homunculus doll, who is officially named Ximena now, but thus far the original photographs were better. So I don't mind showing you her again.

Actually I was supposed to go on a photoshoot this past Sunday, but the model became ill, so hopefully this Sunday then, if it's not too cold, since it's an outdoor shoot. If so, then we'll have to pray for an early Spring. Sigh. I so hate the cold, more so with each passing year. Though I am not unwilling to try a shoot in the snow at some point.

A few more days of the Halloween pic free downloads on deviantArt, then I'll tally up how many were downloaded and see which one was the most popular, though I already have a hunch. Maybe it'll point me in a creative direction, although I still would rather follow my own than whatever's "trendy." I do get surprised by what people choose as favorites, they are rarely the same as mine. Interesting to see that point of view.

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