Wednesday, August 7, 2013

:freeze frame:

This past Monday I had my first photoshoot ( with a model ) in far too many years, either because of lack of suitable places or lack of commitment from certain model(s). This one was one that I had worked with before, again far too many years ago ( and a photo from that shoot eventually became a book cover ), but the stars aligned or whatever and we finally got together.

Still lacking a studio, I made do with one room of my current apartment, so it's good that I don't own much furniture. As it is I'll still need to edit out certain elements in some shots. I'm definitely going to look into some sort of backdrop or seamless paper setup for the future. And lighting - luckily I had at least one floodlamp working, because the room's lighting, window and the camera flash weren't going to cut it.

But there was no high concept planned, just bring over a bunch of outfits and we'll see where it goes. I've been out of practice for so long...looking at the shots later, I could definitely see where I could've done things differently, but that's one advantage of digital, no worries about running out of film, although I still plan to use that. As it is, I got nearly 200 shots and a good ratio of nice shots, if I do say so myself. I don't foresee much extensive editing, and again will have to learn when to stop!

As already stated, there was no "concept" behind the shoot, just go with whatever happened really. Which was fine as way to break back into such things, plus just being a lot of fun. It helps that she's a lot of fun to be around as it is. Did I mention fun?