Wednesday, July 22, 2015

:open eyes:

The camera, or whatever device it may be attached to (and it seems like everything has a camera attached now), still appears to be my creative instrument of choice. Non-photo ideas are trickling out, but nothing that would make sense to anyone but myself at this point, so none of that to show you for now. Summer is supplying better vistas, either at the ocean, or what appears to be a new light show every evening at sunset. Sometimes the camera does it justice, sometimes not.

I keep my Holga with me in the car as well, but that film roll isn't completed yet. Still no word if my previous shots with it have been accepted into a gallery show yet. I obtained an old Polaroid camera from my family, to see what I can do with that. As of right now, nothing, as it requires film that is no longer in production. Initial searches have revealed scarce supplies, and not always well-priced. But I've gotten instructions as to how to convert it to be able to use more obtainable film. Skimming the instructions, it's very possible that I could break the camera in the process. We shall see.

Something photographic that is "trending" right now is "Deep Dream," released by Google, it uses a database of code and images to interpret other images, mainly through Google's image search. The results are quite trippy and sometimes horrific, and before it required some sort of coding knowhow, but now there's a site where you can just plug in your own image and create your own nightmares. It already seems to have a distinctive look at times, for example it seems that the world around us is made up of dogs more often than not (you'd think with the internet being the source that it'd be cats instead). It's shaping up to become this decade's magic eye paintings. That said, I ran one of my sunset photos through just to see what would happen:

Next week I have a much-needed week off from the day job. Sadly, said job still doesn't pay me well enough to travel far away like I should be able to, so the search for better continues. But I won't stay at home the entire time, no, so I hope to have something interesting to share at least. I keep my eyes open, even in my own back yard.