Wednesday, October 1, 2014

:the road leads where it's led:

This week's photo adventure took me to Dogtown, a curious bit of woods in Gloucester, MA, notable for messages carved into several rocks throughout. There's no detailed map of these (that I'm aware of), so finding each one was often a surprise.

It was unseasonably warm for late September, so our hiking party called it quits after eventually finding a reservoir.

'Tis October again, which of course means Halloween, and while I don't have anything new to commemorate it with yet, I still have my "Halloween is My Xmas" series available on Etsy.

I've still been mostly gearing up for a photoshoot which will be this weekend. I'm a bit on edge for several reasons, mostly the hope that I'll do a good job. I like to think that I'm improving my skills, and learning from past mistakes. Also hopeful that the more I do this, the better the trickier things will sink in. I just need more collaborators. I've worked with this person before, and it's always been enjoyable with her, but I want to make extra sure I do a good job, which will be apparent when I post the first few shots next week. Just setting up my place for it has been's going to take up almost the entire space of the room the shoot is in, more reason to some day get a real studio, and thankful for now that I don't have much furniture.