Thursday, May 4, 2017


On Tuesday of this past week I once again participated in a workplace crafts bazaar. It was less attended than the winter one, possibly because people would "shop" more due to Xmas, but also because the company is really encouraging people to work remotely more. Which is something I actually want no part of, but I'm not going to get into that.

I correctly deduced from the last time that people prefer the smaller framed photos, and also because several had mistakenly thought that they were drink coasters, found that selling actual coasters worked. Not a crowd to buy larger works, alas. But once again I kept the weirder (for them) works at home.

I finally got through all of the shots from the Asha & Hex photoshoot that was in March and sent off copies to them. Hopefully something of their liking amongst them, and maybe they will say so publicly.

Out of 185 shots I narrowed it down to 96 for them. There are some less than-perfect shots in there, but I think they may work as part of some editing with them in the future, but for now I'm putting them aside.

I tried to narrow down to my 10 favorites but settled on 12. A good balance I think. Sometimes you're only seeking for that one good shot, so I'm glad that I had a difficult time choosing.


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