Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I believe that I've gone through all the shots from Theresa's photoshoot and chosen the ones that stand out for me. I've done minimal editing on them, and I'm pleased at the fact that not much had to be done. The Photoshoppery will come later, but I will send these off to the model for now, and I want to get back to photos from another shoot done last fall. Boy, I wish I didn't have a day job sucking my precious time away. I had to pass on another shoot this past weekend because I don't want to add to the pile right now.

I managed to find film for the Polaroid, only online for now, and starting messing around with it. You can't get too close to the subjects, and lighting is an issue too (luckily mine came with a flash attachment), at least indoors. Further experimentation is needed. But with only 8 shots per film pack, I can't go nuts here.

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