Wednesday, April 13, 2016

:still life:

I returned to the Boston chapter of Dr. Sketchy's this past weekend. I've already gone more this year than in previous ones combined, so yay for consistency. Our model this time was a local burlesque performer, of which we seem to have no shortage of, going by the name Madge of Honor. She had many inventive outfits and stories to go along with them (unlike at your typical figure drawing session, talking is encouraged). One was pretty much an outfit consisting of balloon animals, which looked great, but not something I could do justice to in the five minutes allotted to draw the pose.

In the interest of time, I tend to not bother drawing the chair or stool that the model is sitting on, so it looks like she has amazing balancing skills.

I believe that I'm nearly finished with working on photos from the photoshoot with Tiffany last year, which is good, as I feel the itch for newer ones, and in fact I may have one set up for the beginning of May with another traveling model. I'm unsure of the theme or location yet, it may just end up being in my apartment again. Insert perpetual desire for a separate art studio here.

I hope I didn't overdo this one, but I could add hundreds of layers without trying too hard.

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