Wednesday, February 17, 2016

:minor overflow:

After saying last week that I didn't expect to have much artwork to show this week, I instead have a lot more than I originally expected.

I did go to Dr. Sketchy's on Sunday as announced before. They were celebrating 9 years of doing this, plus, I guess, Valentine's Day. As is usually the case there, our model was a local burlesque performer, which certainly helps to emphasize that this isn't your typical life-drawing session, plus there are often entertaining stories as well. I did not always have the best vantage point this time, so instead of drawing detailed renditions like I tend to, I did a lot more smaller studies.

I've used my Holga camera a few times now, and I recently had some film sitting in it for months until I finished the roll. Part of the appeal seems to be the unpredictability of it, often coming from light leaks into the less than seamless, plastic body. Well. When I got this batch back, it clearly leaked a lot, as most of the roll got exposed, and I only got a few shots out of it. Good thing I wasn't depending on anything important from it. I got some interesting accidents out of what remained.

I recently won a GoPro camera, so we'll see what craziness can ensure from that one. I also have other photo accessories in mind for my tax refund.

I've returned to working on the photos I took of Tiffany from last summer. The last few I had altered to look like old pin-up calendar photos, but I'm running across a curious "problem" with these others: I'm finding that there's very little that I want to change on them. This is not a bad issue, I just found it to be a curious development. Of course it's an ideal situation to have the pictures to be as close to complete as possible in camera. It's just not something that I'm used to, so I'll take it as a good sign.

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