Wednesday, February 24, 2016

:beneath the skin:

This past weekend I went out with my Holga camera again, but didn't finish the film roll in it, so I can't show anything from that yet. And I also went back to working on the Tiffany photos again, finishing another one last night. I'm pleased with how quickly I seem to be working now, or at least learning when to stop. I could've played with the various Photoshop layer modes seemingly forever, though. I am looking for a more "damaged" look again, but a lot of the modes leave very little of the original photos visible, and I am still proud of the raw originals, so I didn't go overboard.

I had an earlier version that I completely scrapped, so that's yet another reason to praise working in digital, as the original photo was never really "lost." Although believe you me, I make sure to have several backups of everything, and at least one print made of my artwork.

There are at least three photos layered here, with one chosen mainly for the watery texture. I usually go dark, literally, so this time I chose to fade to white.

In my continuing cleanup process of the boxes and such in my apartment, I finally ran across several folders full of old artwork, much of it from my years at MassArt. Much of it wasn't as embarrassing as it may have been at some point, but I'm pleased that I've improved much since then. Also related to our digital present, back then they had us creating most of our assignments by cutting up colored Pantone paper, which both was pricey and time-consuming. I'm sure they do most, if not all, of it on a computer screen now. Oh you kids have it so good, you have no idea.

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