Wednesday, May 20, 2015

:art for nothing:

No word on whether or not the Tank Girl piece that I completed last week was accepted, but I found out that the deadline was extended, which tends to mean that they didn't receive a large amount of submissions yet. Sigh. Well, I'll keep you posted.

I also got an request from somebody through deviantArt asking me to submit a piece I created of Krampus for a book about the same. Which sounds super, but as is too common these days, the "payment" is in copies of the book in question. I did question the lack of compensation, the reply was like "it is unfortunate that there is no monetary compensation, but there is exposure." Ah yes, the eternal "exposure" carrot dangled over artists. I've rarely had promised exposure lead to other interest or work. But, sigh, I'm leaning toward it, mainly because I'm not really getting much attention otherwise, so I should be happy that it's happening at all. Just tired of not getting my due.

Need to get back on the website redesign path. Part of the struggle is making one that would hopefully get some of the attention that I need to move forward as an artist.

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