Wednesday, May 13, 2015

:crawling from the wreckage:

Finished! And just before deadline, as per usual. Perhaps that's how I work best, but I hope not.

I had been really frustrated in the creation of this one, which in the end is probably appropriate. Even though I'm a fan, Tank Girl is not the sort of character or woman that I usually draw, and I wanted to do her justice without completely aping the original style. In my research I found quite a few other renderings of her ( and cosplays, I'm pleased to report ), and there were some that tried to impose a cheesecake style on her, but it was an ill fit, in my opinion.

So just trying to get her attitude down was a challenge. And hopefully the body language as well. My first few attempts were a bit stiff. If you've ever seen the original, she rarely seems to ever be in relaxing poses. Unless she's unconscious.

I decided to to do an ink drawing, then scan it into the computer and color it there. I swear I'll progress to the point of doing it all on the tablet, but, the deadline was looming.

I actually think I spent more time drawing the tank gun than Tank Girl herself.

Another goal was to keep it simple, not go overboard with the lines or shading. See, this is a major reason why I never pursued a comics career; look how long I labor over one drawing!

The background in the final piece, obviously not drawn by me, is due partly to laziness and that looming deadline again. The original idea was for some sort of spacecraft wreckage, or a pile of smaller planes. My research for this often lead to some gruesome images, so it was difficult to make light of it after awhile.

To do this in time, I had to pretty much put everything else aside for most of my non-work hours, which again draws attention to the imbalance between work life and real life, and how badly I'd like to change that. I wish that I could survive on part-time pay.