Thursday, June 27, 2013


You may ask by now, what went wrong this week? Hopefully that won't always be the case, but not so this week; I'm currently trying to fix some financial mess due to somebody somehow getting my debit card number and overdrawing my bank account. It seems to have happened near Toronto, so I am confident it will end in my favor. Damned inconvenient though, and has derailed me from the focused path I was trying to stay on.

I did get out last weekend to attempt to photograph the "supermoon," supposedly when it's the closest to Earth and at its brightest. I went up north out of the city to Rockport to give it a try, also taking this time to try and learn about exposure times. If you leave it open long enough it looks like it's daytime.

Supermoon 2013 1

Supermoon 2013 2

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