Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I have returned in earnest to working on photos from the October photoshoot. The thought had entered my mind to delve into my art as intensely as I did writing in November, but it can get exhausting really fast, and sadly there's many real world things that need doing as well, some of which were put aside for a month as it is.

I generally don't like using flash, or at least the one attached to my camera, so I may look into external ones soon. But by the end of this shoot the sun was setting and from certain angles there just wasn't enough natural light. However thanks to Photoshop I'm trying to recover a few of those. I also worked with reflectors a bit in this shoot as well, but the wind often played havoc with that.

Right now I'm just going through the roll of shots and cleaning up the ones I like best, but these aren't going to be the final versions, I plan to return to my method of adding layers and such using textures.

Another casualty while I was writing all last month was photography itself, I didn't take photos of anything, not even for Instagram. I made up for that this past weekend in Salem, MA, where a small horde of Krampus (Krampuses? Krampi?) temporarily terrorized the streets and a few bars, looking for the naughty. More often than not they offered themselves up willingly.

Salem Krampuslauf 15

As ever, more shots on my flickr page.