Wednesday, August 5, 2015


As stated last week, one way I ended my vacation was by venturing out to Boston Light, a 299-year old lighthouse in Boston Harbor. They did major restoration to it last year, well ahead of next year's anniversary. As with most voyages I've taken out to into the bay it was quite enjoyable, enough to make me wonder again if there's any job doing that sort of thing for me, but of course this was on calm seas and in summer. I talked to several people who worked on the island about their jobs there too, but unsurprisingly most are seasonal, or volunteer, and not plentiful. I'm convinced that there must be something I can do in this area.

In the photo below you can see Boston in the far distance and how far out the lighthouse is.

I pretty much spent most of my time off near the ocean or other bodies of water, so clearly I am still drawn to it. I ended up in Rockport, MA on Saturday, which like a lot of seaside towns around here has quite a few galleries and artists there, another draw for me, even if I create very little artwork depicting seaside scenes. Talked to a few shop owners as well. I've found that the older ones tend to be more conversational. Some of the younger ones seem like they'd rather be anywhere else than in the shop that they're taking care of. Probably not how they envisioned spending their summers.

Two of the three gallery shows that I'm currently in are up, with the reception for one being tomorrow night. I'm going to see if I can keep going on in this way, just applying to every show possible and seeing what sticks. As ever the struggle to stay focused can get derailed by distractions, external ones or ones of my own making.