Wednesday, April 15, 2015

:look at me:

I did some slogging through the website re-planning, and as somewhat expected I became easily overwhelmed by the amount of choices out there. Inquiries sent out into the internet ether brought back vague answers or replies, of the few that bothered to reply at all. I am starting to think that the notion of technologies like "instant" messaging are becoming more and more of a misnomer these days, or perhaps it's just lucky me. I just find it difficult to believe that anyone is really that busy to not be able to send back a quick reply, even just to say that they'll say more later or that they got the message.

In the end again, I have to rely on myself, not a bad thing in itself, but it'd be nice to get some assistance when I need it for a change. I mean before I have to resort to spending money that I really can't spare. I'd like to have an actual network that I can rely on some day.

That said, I'm leaning towards some sort of template, maybe one through Folio websites. If anyone has any experience with them, positive or negative, I'd love to hear it. This blog is set up to allow comments, after all.

I also need to decide what artwork is going to go on the site. The last version had artwork of mine on it from well into the early 90s, it was like a retrospective up to this current point in time. I think I may just choose work from the past ten years, even though there was an awful dry spell in the middle of it. I also need to re-photograph the Homunculi dolls if they're to reappear on it. I'm also overdue for making a new one.

The whole notion of creating artwork and what becomes of it afterward has been on my mind recently. Certainly I create it for my own enjoyment, and then want to share it, but when it gets little to no attention, I still feel a little let down. Not that anybody is obligated to sing its praises, or that I assume it should, but if I'm proud of it, I get frustrated if all I hear are crickets. Once again I'm trying to find the right eyeballs, and this site redesign is part of that.