Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I recently did what is becoming nearly an annual tradition for me, chasing and photographing the lion dancers celebrating the Chinese new year in Boston's Chinatown. I keep saying that I'll visit another city to view this, it hasn't happened yet, so I should probably plan for next year's now. Maybe New York City first. As ever, more photos on my flickr page.

It may be only by a few days, but February definitely feels like the shortest month, which is some cause for concern if I'm going to succeed in my plan to create a finished artwork each month this year. As stated before, so far I'm planning to do one based on somebody else's characters (with his permission). It's from Hans Rickheit's "Cochlea & Eustachia." I've been a fan of his work for years, from back when he did little photocopied and stapled comics (still have them), now he's like world-famous. It's saying something that I'm not jealous of this, but I generally don't get that way if the fame is well-deserved. If you're a crap artist and somehow manage to succeed, well, that's a different story. Although now I try to figure out what they did to get there instead.

I've also been working on the multi-layered photo derived from the photoshoot in the fall, but I'd rather wait to show it fully completed than in progress.

I submitted some artwork ( the very same ones I've been flogging in the past few entries ) for a timely Valentine-themed art show at a local gallery, sadly they were not accepted, the reason given was that there were so many submissions, but that still means that my work wasn't deemed good enough to be among the best of them. But! They will be in another show, at the Top Shelf Tattoo Gallery in Manchester, NH. When I brought the work up there the gallery was still under construction, but I was assured that it would be completed in time for the opening, which appropriately enough will be on Valentine's Day (night) itself, if you happen to find yourself in the area and are curious. I hear tell that there will be bands and a kissing booth.