Wednesday, July 9, 2014

:final tally:

After looking through the remaining photos from last month's photoshoot, I've decided that there's not really many more that I can work worth with, so the final number stays at ten, which I think is a good amount anyways.

I've been posting them on my deviantArt page and some on my Model Mayhem page (which is where the model contacted me), and once again I find it curious to see what other people like vs. what I like about my work.

That's assuming that there's any feedback to begin with...creating art is already a solitary activity most of the time, and while of course the first person that I need to please is myself, it's also helpful and frankly uplifting if other people like it as well. I've shown in galleries, but you don't really get much feedback there unless you're there as well and somebody asks you about the work, or better yet, buys it. In our modern age, we've got pageviews, "likes," and hopefully comments to let us know what people think. And sadly sometimes I take the lower number to mean that the work might not be that good, and when said piece is one of my favorites, it makes me question my artistic direction. I don't want to blindly follow what "sells," but one does feel like giving people more of what they like. And maybe actually developing a following.

In both of the above sites this was the most popular shot (no censorship this time; another artist whose opinion I value both complimented these photos and recommended not censoring them). Interesting to me because this was the first shot of the evening, usually that's not the best of the lot.

This shot was the last one that I worked on and originally was not one of my favorites, however combining it with another shot, I'm quite pleased with how it evolved. Yet it's not one of the higher rated shots; go figure.

No other shoots have been planned just yet, but I hope to have at least one more before summer's end, to again photograph outdoors.

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  1. Great work -- just viewed the set on dA. I like the ghostly quality of the motion blurs and combined images.

    My favorites from my own work rarely attract much attention. I have no idea what lesson, if any, I should learn from that.