Sunday, January 3, 2010


Okay, my first photography book is "officially" out of print now. I sold a whopping 6 copies. Lessons learned from this:

- will probably not work with again. Their bases prices are too high in my opinion, and to make any profit, you have to add on to that amount. I know they're not going to print for free, but my book was only 30 pages long. There should be a range of prices based on page length. They are also very strict about orders, if you make a mistake, like enter a discount code wrong, tough shit, they won't cancel ANY orders.

- maybe ask models if they want to use a psuedonym to possibly avoid some of the problems I had in publishing this time.

But all this just means I'll have to make better photos now to make a better book to make up for all this. It's a new year, and I'm not usually one to write down resolutions, the first of every month is a chance to change for me. But goals for this year are of course to finally get that place where I can finally do my artwork in peace, and hopefully enough room for indoor photography. I will also need to perfect my photography skills, and learn Adobe CS3 and my drawing tablet. So the proper place is essential for this. It WILL happen.

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