Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So I end my first NaNoWriMo with 13,045 words, far short of the 50,000 required. I feel I did okay, despite me not having a whole hell of a lot of free time, and after typing all day at work, not able to type all night. I plan to finish my story, but I don't think it needs 50,000 words to be told. I had to over-describe things just to keep the word count up.

Next year I shall either somehow get a laptop or write it freehand, so I'm not restricted to writing it just at home.

My book will also be available only until the end of this year.

I'm determined to get a new place where I can create better in. All hinges on this, I'm afraid. I'm regressed to wearing headphones when I'm home, even though the noise isn't as bad as in previous places, but I don't want to fall back on this crutch. I'm really thinking I'm neurotic about it now.

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