Thursday, August 27, 2015


I believe that one reason why so many of my projects take so long to complete or go unfinished, besides the ever-present time issue, is the lack of real deadlines. I can impose fake ones, but who's going to police me on those? A lot of projects truly get done in their own time, and often spend a scary amount of time just in my head, but that doesn't increase my output.

Most gallery shows that I've entered in I've taken past works that fit the themes, if there were any, as opposed to creating a whole new piece for it, although there were a long string of shows in Salem, MA where I did do just that. So for the next batch of gallery entries I hope to do that again. The third recent show that I'm in is opening soon, which will contain the photo below. If my currently brewing plans work out, I may be out of town during the opening reception, though.

I don't have any clients to speak of currently, so I don't have that as a deadline creator, although of all people my sister has asked for my help on a few things art-wise, and they do have deadlines, so that'll serve as an impetus, one hopes. Look for alterations to these over the next month or so.

And remember, summer doesn't officially end on Labor Day, so don't rush it out the door.