Thursday, April 23, 2015

:the opposite of color blind:

The website planning is plodding along, don't ask. It appears that I usually procrastinate on projects or situations that I find either overwhelming or difficult. I need to set an actual deadline for it and see if that doesn't speed me along. There was a big hubbub this week about Google now requiring websites to be more smartphone-friendly for them to show up in search results. I got an email from Google Analytics about a month ago, so it wasn't exactly a surprise for me. Just another diversion from the paths of projects that I'd rather be on instead.

As of late, I seem to be thinking about or planning artwork more than actually making it, other than the pencil piece I completed a few weeks ago. The model liked it and re-posted it on her Instagram, where it got over 900 "likes," which does feel good, but that's the currency we trade in these days, it seems. Too bad each like wasn't also a dollar, hmm?

After a winter of working entirely in black & white, I'm thinking of going in entirely the opposite direction, crazy with color, which is so not my style to begin with. I remembered doing a few pieces (shown below) back in my art school days that were done on colored paper, so I may go in that direction for starters. It was surprisingly difficult for me to find pads of multi-colored paper, that weren't aimed at children at least, plenty of grey pads though.

Another goal is to get into more gallery shows, and that has stalled because, frankly, I've not been feeling very confident in my artwork that it would be accepted. There's an upcoming show, in a comic shop of all places, that I'm considering, so that could be a good start. Being a comic shop, you can imagine what the theme might be. In this case, superheroines. Thus far I've thought of trying depicting Battle Angel Alita, Tank Girl, or Zatanna. We shall see.