Wednesday, April 8, 2015


As stated last week, I've decided that a primary focus right now is to update my woefully outdated main website. I can't recall when the last update was, but it's definitely been more than ten years. And Google Analytics have not-so-subtly told me that it is definitely not smartphone-friendly right now, so the writing is on the wall.

Coding is not my forte to say the least. I made the previous two versions by cutting and pasting HTML code from site designs that I liked and learned a thing or two about updating them from there, but not enough to be able to make one from scratch. I've made a placeholder for now, but even that took the better part of an evening, and it's still not exactly as I'd like it. I wanted the image to stay in the center of the page. If anybody knows how to fix this, please let me know, even though this is a temporary page.

Part of the problem, with this and other things in my life, is that I'm a collector of information, but soon it piles up and I often don't get to read most of it. My to-read pile of books is crazy, yet I still get drawn into bookstores. I've saved plenty of info about websites, now it's time to sort through it. I'd like to get this done by month's end if possible. I am thinking that I'll probably try and choose a Wordpress design and go from there.