Wednesday, October 8, 2014


This past Sunday I finally had that photoshoot that I've been talking about for the past month, and I'm quite pleased with how it went, despite some delays and setbacks. The model in question wanted some nude shots done, her first ever actually, so I'm flattered that she asked me to do them. It was actually quite a relaxed and often silly atmosphere that day. Sorry, no actual nude shots for you this week, though. The shoot didn't start out that way, after all.

Days after, of course, me being me, I look at some of the photos with thoughts of how I could've done them better. At least not too much editing needs to be done, but again, I'd like to get as much of the final shots in-camera as possible. I read up on settings for my camera and thought I chose the right ones, but again had to adjust. Once again a reason to love digital, if this was film, I wouldn't see the mistakes until I got the film developed.

Lighting is still an issue - I just have two floodlamps for now, and I think at times they may have been a bit harsh. Ironically by the end I think we figured it out better and ended the shoot on a higher note, but we had been going for several hours by that point, on not much food for the day, so we ended the session. Lessons learned for the next one. A major plus was that we had fun doing this one, at the very least.


I forgot to mention a few weeks past about another figure drawing session that I went to. In this case it's a shame that I draw with charcoal, as the model wore rainbow-colored clothing. I probably showed my age by assuming that she was supposed to be Rainbow Brite, but was actually one of those new My Little Pony characters instead. Well she didn't look like a horse, how was I to know? Not even a tail in sight.

Aaaaaand we are in Halloween season! I have nothing new for this year, alas, but again I have my Halloween is My Xmas series available on Etsy.