Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Halloween's a'coming! Once again I remind you of my "Halloween is My Xmas" series available on Etsy.

I brought Ximena to a local store to see if they'd consider displaying and/or selling her. No word back year I'll remember to ask in September.

Been working on photos from the recent photoshoot. I'm pleased both by the fact that I'm doing very little correcting on them, and the knowledge that I know I can do even better. 

I know I mentioned last week that one reason for this shoot was to do some nude shots, but I won't be showing any of those until they meet the model's approval...or if she wants them online at all, which I can respect if not. I think both of us think that it was a great shoot, but it was also kind of practice for the next one. So I guess we can look at these as guides on what to work on for that.

I don't think there's any shame in nudity ( easy for me to say, you won't be seeing my naked arse on here anytime soon ), but in the current atmosphere where people get banned from Facebook or Instagram for the mere glimpse of a nipple, even if the photo isn't sexual in nature, one must be "careful." For a fair amount out there I guess just the image of a naked body equals such subject matter. As if that were a bad thing. I currently have a subscription to Playboy because it was practically free and figured why not, and I can tell you two things; the joke about people reading it for the articles is probably true, 80% of the mag is just writing, and the nude shots are actually quite tame and tasteful compared to the things you can't unsee on the internet. Whether or not it's "art" is not something I'm going to argue about right now.

I met this woman twenty years ago this month, and while our paths have taken strange turns over the years, I'm glad that we've managed to stay in touch after all this time. And obviously she's still one of my favorite people to photograph.

Yogurt break!