Thursday, September 4, 2014


One thing that I did on last week's vacation, and has actually been an unspoken goal of the past year, was to find more places locally that I haven't been to yet. If I can't travel globally, I can at least see more of what we have have around here. Some day you will see the Pyramids in my Instagram, though.

Unsurprisingly most of my journeys took me to the ocean, some regular places, some new ones, like Singing Beach, where the water was amazingly warmer than usual. Usually you have to get used to the chill of the Atlantic up here, but there was no need that day. They don't make it easy for people who aren't locals to visit, though.

I also made it to Plum Island, which is actually a peninsula, and a gorgeous one at that. I only made it to a small beach area; looking at a map one can see that there is so much for me to explore there, and I intend to. I think it'll still be worth it in the upcoming fall.

Plans post-summer include really focusing on getting better at photography, and there is the possibility of a new photoshoot with somebody that I hope comes to fruition, I won't say anymore for fear of jinxing it.