Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Been working on shots from the recent photoshoot pretty steadily, at a good pace. Three done so far, as you'll see below, with bonus black bars for your "protection." 

I'm pleased that I'm not changing much from the original shots other than a little tweaking here and there. I've also returned to a style that I used to do more of, that of putting textures over the photos. The way that they lined up unintentionally in some areas was interesting too. I used to go out in the past with a camera with the intent of photographing intriguing textures to use in works later. This was the era of film so I had to wait until they were developed to see if they were still interesting. It may be time for another texture hunt, of course it'll be much easier in this digital age.

Another reason for the relative quickness of this series is to try and not treat each piece like a precious jewel and spend forever working on them. I'm not saying that I'm rushing through them, but I am learning to let things go or stop sooner than I used to.

I started reading a book that I saw in a store window on a whim that aids in this way of thinking; "Don't Make Art, Just Make Something," which pretty much says it all in the title. As ever the most important thing, like in many parts of life and not just art, is to just start.