Wednesday, November 27, 2013


More shots from the last photoshoot. I'm pleased that I keep finding more that came out really good, although there are a few that would be contenders if not for one element that I can't fix, even digitally.

So we have this holiday of sorts tomorrow, I suppose I could try and find things to be thankful for...I'm thankful that I still have a creative pulse, especially after years of almost being at zero, and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. I'm thankful for the two who posed for the last two photoshoots I've been documenting here, that's been a tremendous kickstarter, and hopefully a sign of more to come. I'm thankful that I'm aware that I have so many more ideas in store, I just need to master the time, place and money thing to make it all work. I'm thankful for those who appreciate my art. When I was younger, it didn't matter as much but I find that I need more positive feedback, or just feedback in general, as time goes on. Otherwise these would never see the world beyond my own walls. I'm thankful that you actually read this far!