Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Today is the last day for voting in the RAW artists semi-finals, so one last time I bug thee:

I've been working on a new Homunculus ( I used to just call them Spooky ) doll, hopefully to be done before Halloween, as it progresses you'll see why. For now I've just been working on painting the face, using the crackle finish I love so much, even though the results are unpredictable:


After it was dry enough, I went back in and touched it up some more:

I've been starting to gather other materials to be used later on in its creation. Who knows how much of this will be part of it, too soon to tell:

The free Halloween pics are still available for download at deviantArt. I'll remove the free download feature next month, and tally up how many there were. So far this is the front-runner, can't say I'm surprised: