Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Most of the past week was too busy with work and after work stuff for much new art to show, again something I'd like to change. I'd love to be able to come home and unwind by drawing or something along those lines, but, again, not in this place. Changes that I'm setting in motion will hopefully change all that this year.

A lot of "behind the scenes" work this week mostly, like ideas for the website update. I'm told this shouldn't be a main reason for the holdup, but I want to redesign my logo, which will also become my watermark to put on online images, and although I think at this point that there's precious little one can do to prevent people from grabbing images, at least I can make them lo-res or with a large enough watermark to cover important bits of the image. People have complained about this in the past, but I still would like people to actually pay for the art if they like it enough.

On that note, I noticed on a recent visit to my deviantArt page that many of my older works had the "download image" option selected, which I didn't do. So people have been getting free artwork for who knows how long. A part of me is flattered that they liked my art enough to do so, but also insulted that it apparently wasn't worth paying for. A major problem in this internet age, people want it all for free, music art and information. If the creator allows it, fine. I'm probably the last DJ who pays for music, although I recently did a major search for a track I wanted and there was no legal way to get it. My first online crime.

I still doodle while at work and it's still mostly of horrible things being done to the spaniels (example below).

Some of it is just blowing off steam, I guess, but part of me still feels that there's a story there somewhere. I've also been bingeing on Philip K Dick stories, which can really alter one's view of reality. One idea is of a virus, and why should it be something microscopic? I've certainly seen the comparison of the human race's treatment of this planet to that. But why not another organism, one less intelligent? The spaniels really don't think of much beyond eating and breeding, and they do both things rapidly. What if something like that was actually threatening human existence, as unlikely as it seems? What lengths would people go to to eliminate it? You'd think nothing of wiping out rats doing the same thing. Ponder ponder.