Wednesday, January 25, 2017

:remix, recover:

I continued working on an "assignment" from the 20 day portfolio renovation project, this being reworking an old work with hopefully the better knowledge and skills of today. I chose one of first ever Photoshop pieces I did, and I think it shows. Mid-90s, version 5, I believe, not CS5. I cringe now. But I sometimes also cringe at last year's work.

This was pre-digital camera, so I had to dig up and re-scan the original photograph. As a result it was of a lot lower resolution than I'm used to.

I think I've learned a lot more restraint and subtlety with effects and retouching over the years, so I didn't go overboard this time. As far as concept, I came to see the the door as a gateway, and so she became a guardian or a greeter, to the universe beyond it. Again a major lesson I took away was the idea of trying to plan out concepts beforehand, so, a goal for the year.

In the closer future, I'm again offering up my Valentine's Day cards for sale up on Etsy, another goal for this year is to finally make that work somehow. This is an ancient image for me, so perhaps it's time for a new one, although I doubt one will be made in time for this year.

I'm also pondering selling the framed version of this image. It's non-digital, so it would be the true original.