Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I continue to wring as much out of this summer as I possibly can, heading to the ocean once again this past weekend. This time it was to Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island, which sounded vaguely familiar to me when someone else posted pictures from it the previous week. It was probably one of, if not the first beach I went to as a child, but nothing while I was there this time jogged any sort of memory. I'm sure much has changed since then. Additions and subtractions. But no less enjoyable. A sparse amount of amusement park rides left over, and of course the ever-encroaching replacement of real arcade games with the kind that spit out tickets for some repetitive task to exchange for trinkets.

A continuing high point of this summer has been the sunsets, which often get enhanced by approaching stormy weather, and many lightning storms were in the area this past Saturday. Very often photos don't do it justice but I do my best. Often the best shots present themselves while I'm driving and that's a tricky shot at best. I don't recall ever being impressed by many winter sunsets. Of course it doesn't help that the sun sets at 4 PM then, which is more depressing than beautiful. No hurry to see that again, though of course it's getting darker earlier with every passing day, just like every year. No idea why I'm more conscious of it these days than in the past.

Doing my best to get in some daily creative time too, continuing to get some progress towards the Kali piece that I'm planning. In my dream or vision (take your pick), she was more beautiful than terrifying, so I'm aiming in that direction. In my research I've found that that's not an uncommon depiction. She also sometimes has only two arms as opposed the multiple limbs seen in most versions. But I also want some of that terror in it too, so I'm trying to find a way to combine it all. As ever I need more hours in the days to do this.

Also trying to find a place somewhere between realism and exaggeration, when I usually choose one over the other. My knowledge of anatomy often fights against any drawing out of proportion limbs and muscles, so more challenges to overcome. I'm thinking along the lines of Peter Chung's work, who created Aeon Flux.

I continue to investigate more printing methods, recently I ordered a selection of Instagram photos, which the printing company clearly designed to look like Polaroid shots. This also reminds me that I need to convert the old Polaroid camera that I've obtained to accept newer film, which I've finally managed to find without it costing an arm and leg.