Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I believe I finished my latest piece, and didn't take too long on it, which was partially the point. Still waiting for final comments from the model, since she did request it, but I consider it "done enough" for now. That's pretty much the state of any artwork, one could rework and fiddle with them forever.

Actually, looking at it now, I was emulating the shadows of the original photo, but I didn't want them to be as dark. Now I'm not so sure they work this lightly. Oh boy. See? I could work on some of these for far too long. Once again I don't think I could work in comics, couldn't meet a monthly deadline if I obsess over every line.

The process itself went pretty smoothly, though, scanned in the inked lines and colored from there. I'm sure pretty much all of it could've been done in the computer, but I'm still not adept at using the Wacom tablet. Something I need to set time aside for. Like way too many other things.

I'm already looking ahead to what's next, so far the top contender is a depiction of Kali, which has been lingering in my sketchbooks and mind for way too long as it is. The idea I have in mind is not the usual horrific depiction of her. At least that's not what came into my mind, I didn't find her frightening at all. I don't know what that says about me.

Also, of course, need to finish the website. An essential part is to re-photograph the Homunculus dolls for it. I'm also due to make another one of those, too.