Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Another week, another humongous snowstorm. I don't know if we've matched or surpassed 1978's blizzard (yes, I'm old enough to remember that), but it sure feels like it. Obviously it's not as fun now as it was when you're a child. I enjoy the days off from work, of course (and am lucky that they're paid days off). But it's curious, to me, how with all this free time granted to me, I still didn't do much creatively. Something about the feeling of being trapped having something to do with it, perhaps.
I got a few surprises, though...I received a printed copy of my book from Blurb in the mail. Even if it doesn't get past second draft, it's nice to have it in a physical form. Not epic length, as you can see.

And this morning in an email from JPG, I found that they used one of my pictures as an example for one of the many contests they regularly run. Maybe it'll garner more votes, who knows!

But I wasn't a complete slug...three weeks of snowstorms that were inconveniently timed canceled three weeks of a night that I DJ at called "Ceremony," so that combined with cabin fever made me download a DJ mixing app (just grabbed a free one for now, VirtualDJ) and try to learn and make a mix with it. I was mostly a continuation from last week's frustration with technology, I struggled trying to make it do something that is relatively simple with the actual physical device that it's emulating. But I worked around it. Can't expect to master the software in one night, I suppose. Have a listen:

 They're talking, almost with sadistic glee sometimes, about more snow in our near future. Here's hoping it doesn't break us. Some people I know are very close to it, I'm somehow holding on.