Wednesday, January 28, 2015

:driven like the snow:

The focal point for most everybody the past few days has been nature having its way with us, namely this being winter and getting a ton of snow dumped on us. The high point for me of course was two days away from the day job, but serious cabin fever by day two, so I did get out to at least walk around a bit. Looking for interesting things to photograph as usual.

I think the blizzard from two years back was more intense, but the media hype machine makes each one sound like the apocalypse now. I didn't want the usual shots of buried cars and such, though there were plenty of those.

Being snowbound strangely made me more leisurely than I expected; Netflixed and drank more than I would in a normal week. Perhaps it's true what some people say, if you had nothing but free time you'd get bored rather quickly, but I disagree in my case, I'm already back on track to my plans for 2015. Probably because I most likely have to return to the day job tomorrow.

Next month has That Holiday in it, often a scourge to those with and without significant others. I still have a card designed for the occasion, still available through Etsy. I tried seeing if a local shop would carry it, but crickets in reply so far. I can't seem to get arrested in this area regarding my artwork. I seemed to get luckiest in Salem, go figure. Well, I'm off to see if there's any upcoming gallery shows that I can participate in.