Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Publishing this a day early because even with a laptop, who knows if I'll be able to do this on Xmas Eve.

The month and year is winding down, and already I'm thinking of what is in store for the new year, in all aspects. Looking at old black and white photo work a few weeks back has me thinking about it more and more, and I believe that I'll start 2015 off by only working in black & white, in photography and other media. I originally thought I'd make it an all-year project, but I think that'd be a bit much, let's make it until spring. How symbolic, as winter gets pretty grey as it is.

I finally got the film developed back from my first time out using a Holga camera, and part of the delay was in finding a place that could develop the film, and also a place that was actually open when I could get to it. One place that I had in mind is only open on weekdays until 5 PM. Well that's damned inconvenient for those of us that have day jobs.

As stated after I used it, it's not totally obvious with this camera where the frame of each shot begins or ends, so there can be overlapped images until I learn this better, but I can see why some people do this intentionally. The place that developed the film actually seemed concerned if I knew this.

I tend to like some accidental photos, so this could be an interesting camera to use after all.